Dynamate 1

This blog is made on April 25, 2013 and it is still under construction until it is re-opened for public.

Dynamate is a blog dedicated to Nega Network’s boy group, LC9 (League of Competition #9). It is founded and run by one admin, Aeggy, and connected to another twitter account (@LC18_AEG). Dynamate is not a fanbase, but only a fan’s blog which try to updates as fast as possible. All contents in the blog are credited to the owners as stated in every post. Don’t edit the contents that we don’t have.

I don’t re-upload fantaken photos in this blog unless the photos can only be found at fancafe or twitter (so I need to compile). I take most of the contents from Korean sites. However, I don’t translate news/interview so I will only link translated articles from other blogs/sites.

Contact me at twitter and I will respond as soon as I notice it.


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