[TRANS] 130917 J-HYO’s Twitter Update (with a Selca)

[TWITTER] 130917 J-HYO:
모두 즐거운 한가위되세요~~! 저두 이제 집내려갈 준비를하고있습니당ㅎㅎㅎ
그리고 고백데이라는데오늘이 100일이
집가서 치킨이나먹을꺼다!!!!!즐추♥

Have a joyful chuseok day everyone~~! I’m getting ready to go to my home right nowㅎㅎㅎ
And today is a Confession day and 100 Days Christmas@-@ Heol… what… it’s ok.. hahaha
Since I’m going home, I will eat chicken!!!!!! Merry Chuseok♥

Translated by DynaMATE